Friday, April 21, 2017

Final Project - Intro2GIS

The environmentally sensitive lands map

For the final project we were assigned to analyze an actual $20 Million dollar FPL project called the Bobwhite-Manatee Transmission Line. The project was deep in the planning stages in 2006, and was approved by the Governor and the cabinet in 2008. The actual construction for the project began years after the proposed schedule and started in June 2013 due to controversy over the location of the line. 

According to an article from, "the project was delayed while East County Sarasota homeowners worked with FPL, attorneys, and Lakewood Ranch developer Schroeder-Manatee Ranch to determine a route that would preserve the beauty of lands in eastern Sarasota and Manatee counties." But it takes reading an article from the to understand it wasn't that everybody was against FPL. 

This purpose of this project was to provide additional electrical power resources to the area's customers. It was an above ground project to install a 230-kilovolt transmission line approximately 25 miles.

The line runs from the Manatee Energy Center in Parrish, FL to a station in Sarasota, FL near Fruitville Road called BobwhiteHere is a certified FDEP transmission map that shows the shape of the route as it exists today.

As students we were tasked with repeating real world spatial analysis to experience first hand what tools and skills are required to complete a thorough analysis and presentation. We were to focus on confirming the length of the line to be approximately 25 miles long, the  and that the proposed line met the following criteria:

* It has relatively few homes in close proximity.

* It generally avoids schools and child care sties.
* It avoids large areas of environmentally sensitive lands.

After the analysis that I completed I can report all of the criteria has been met.

Also, the preferred corridor route changed in the controversial route section within Sarasota. The route change appears in the survey map with the approved line that we were given for reference for the project. The articles mentioned above also helped me to determine the community impact and to connect the dots of what happened behind the scenes.

The most difficult part of the assignment for me was subjectively trying to guess what buildings on the raster aerial images for the parcels were actual homes. I made my best guesses but I think that will be the area that most of the students will report different results. 

As requested, please see below:

Link to my written slide-by-slide commentary:

Link to my PowerPoint Presentation.ppsx

This was a very interesting project. There was a lot to be learned. I used to live in Sarasota, many years ago and still have family there. That really helped me stay motivated in the early stages of the work before the natural momentum kicked in.

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